About the RVTA


 Roanoke Valley Tennis Association

The Roanoke Valley Tennis Association was first created in 1974 as a Community Tennis Association (CTA) under guidance of the United States Tennis Association and became non-profit in 2005.  The mission of the RVTA is to promote and support the game of tennis for both adults and juniors in the Roanoke Valley through after school programs, leagues and tournaments. 

The RVTA supports Apple Ridge Farms and the Inner City Summer Tennis program in order to bring tennis into the lives of underprivileged youth. In addition, the RVTA created and supports the Roanoke Valley Middle School Tennis Program. 

The RVTA coordinates local league play from March through October in a variety of USTA League programs. The leagues are administered by local area league coordinators within the RVTA, USTA/Virginia, and USTA/Mid-Atlantic.   

The RVTA is responsible for two tournaments held in the Roanoke Valley, the first being the RVITT-Roanoke Valley Invitational Tennis Tournament and the second being the Roanoke City-County Tournament. The RVITT is a USTA sanctioned prize money tournament and won the Mid-Atlantic Tournament of the year in 2006.  Players participate from many of the surrounding states.  The Roanoke City-County Tournament has been a part of the Roanoke Valley since 1925 and continues it's history to this day. 

The Roanoke Valley Tennis Association supports these programs financially and through the timeless efforts of volunteers.  The RVTA is made up of volunteers, and we need your assistance. Help us continue to grow tennis in the Roanoke Valley, whether your support is financial in the form of a membership, or in a few hours of time here and there, we need your support.  Your assistance will enable us to keep tennis strong in the valley for the next generation of players.

2017 RVTA Board
      President: Sue Lunsford
Vice President:  Marie Earnhardt
Secretary: Nancy Trent
Treasurer: Jason Faulhaber 

At-Large Board Members:   Jennifer Frye; Mary Mayrosh; Christy Barongan,
Advisory Board: Stan Boatwright, Dave Osterhaus
Area League Coordinators

Welcoming Coordinator
Spring Mixed 18 and Over: Marie Earnhardt: Phone 484-645-4758 (c) 
Email:  marie.earnhardt@gmail.com

Adult 18 and Over: Marie Earnhardt: Phone: 484-645-4758 (c) 
 Email: marie.earnhardt@gmail.com
Adult 55 and Over:  Marie Earnhardt; Phone 484-645-4578 (c);
Email:  marie.earnhardt@gmail.com
Mixed 40 and Over:  TBD
Adult  40 and Over: Marie Earnhardt  484-645-4758 (c)
Email: marie.earnhardt@gmail.com
Adult Combo:  Marie Earnhardt 484-645-4758 (c);
Email marie.earnhardt@gmail.com 
Singles Marie Earnhardt: 484-645-4758
  Email: marie.earnhardt@gmail.com

Mixed Combo By DRAFT:  TBD
 JTT-Junior Team Tennis Coordinator:
Dustin Bays
Cell: 728-1445. Email: dgbays@yahoo.com  
Middle School Coordinator: Dustin Bays
Cell: 797-4709, Email: dgbays@yahoo.com